IMF was established in 1995​

House of Prayer, Church and Campground

Is a place for Christian spiritual worship for all those who love GOD and His cause. We desire to make it a holy place for all. We welcome every child of God interested in the furtherance of Gods cause. Who is this God, you may ask. He is Jesus Christ, the bodily manifestation of the creator of Heaven and earth. Jesus lived, died and rose from the dead to show us the way to live and express His dominion over sin, sickness and demon powers. Our Hope and purpose in life is to allow Jesus to fully live His life through us and help express this to mankind. If you desire and faithfully live this way, then lets gather in His name to worship and serve Jesus.

Kyle & Sara Parmer


That we may become the in the fullness of the image of the firstborn from among the dead. Jesus Christ.


Through gathering together in His name we may be an organic expression of the body of Christ to a world needing help being free from the death penalty of sin.


  • Value is such a loose word today that is usually targeted to the purpose of the writing. So, I will do the same and say that our highest value to to be a living expression of the heart, words and actions of Jesus Christ our Lord.